What is a Quest?

Turn a walk into a treasure hunt while exploring the outdoors!

On the South Shore of Boston there are many outdoor treasure hunts for families and small groups to enjoy. Each quest brings you to an outdoor trail where you can enjoy nature while looking for clues.

Quests start at a marked beginning point and include several clues hidden along the way. The last clue of each quest is a box containing a small guest book, a stamp pad, a rubber stamp, and answers to questions asked by curious "Questers". Once the box is found, participants stamp the back page of their Quest book (as proof of accomplishment), and may write or stamp in the guest book.

Each spring volunteers place the clues and boxes along the trails where they remain until late fall. Please let us know if a clue is missing by sending an email to admin@southshorequests.org.

Click here to see the locations of the quests.

Quest Books

2014 South Shore Quests books containing all of our quests will be available April 15th for $5.00:

Bayshore Athletic Club, 14 Plain St 781-356-5303

Holly Hill Farm, 236 Jerusalem Road 781-383-6565

Hingham Public Library, 66 Leavitt Street 781-741-1405

Hull Public Library, 9 Main Street 781-925-2295

South Shore Audubon Society, 2000 Main Street 781-837-9400

Ventress Memorial Library, 1837 Ocean St 781 834-5535

South Shore Natural Science Center, Jacobs Lane 781-659-2559

The Turner Free Library, 2 North Main Street 781-961-0932

New England Wildlife Center, 500 Columbian Street 781-682-4878




Quest Season: April 15 - November 15

Welcome to the 2014 Questing season!  As you do our quests, let us know your thoughts.  Are there some Quests you found especially interesting?  Did you run into any problems or trail changes?  Did you see any outstanding flora or fauna?  Sign our guestbook (Share) or send us an email.
Many thanks for Questing with us!



Two trails are open year round:
Whale & Sail Tales, Norwell
and Hingham Shipyard, Hingham

Trail updates for 2014

Before doing a quest, check below to see if there are any trail updates since the Quest book was published.

General Trail Updates

Norris Reservation "North River" Quest --

The "suspended trees over the trail" have been pruned/cut down. They were Pine trees.


Hatch Lots Quest --

A critical sign on the Hatch Lots quest has gone missing! Here's a new paragraph to help with the four missing clues.


Hingham Shipyard Quest --

Paragraph 4: Please park behind Eastern Mountain Sports (not Talbots).

Paragraph 4:  The plaques are blocked by Trader Joe's.  If you get a chance, look at them later.

p. 27- Clue #4:  "Put the first letter of the country that was bombing England in CLUE #4."


Prowling around the Perimeter --

Note on box location- the wooden part of the location has been temporarily removed. Look to the left using the rest of the clue.

Top of p. 44. first paragraph should read "Continue along the path.  At the next bench, put the fourth letter of the last name on the sign in clue #6."  (Cross out  "Across the path... playground structure is clue #6.)

p. 44, third paragraph:  After CLUE #10: Continue along the path, turn right to go past the birdhouse.  At the next split, read the sign.  The vowel that appears most frequently in the warning is CLUE #13.  Continue to the right.


Herp Hunt --

On the last paragraph, first column of p.18: There is a reference to a blue trail marker (with Clues #1 and #5) nailed to a tree which carries Clue #3 and Clue #13; the blue trail maker is missing.
No worries! On a nearby dead (and leafless) tree is a brown tail marker with the same letters as the blue one had! As to the now unmarked - and clue-bearing - tree, the description of the tree given in the Quest book will help you to figure out the species.